Online accounting with AbaWeb

Online accounting with AbaWeb

Cloud computing represents a milestone in terms of data exchange between customer and fiduciary. The central element of cloud computing is the decoupling of the user from software, computing power and storage. While today the majority of users still work on local accounting programmes, independently ensuring software updates, maintenance and data storage, cloud computing allows these tasks to be outsourced to a fiduciary (online fiduciary), while at the same time increasing the efficiency of communication.

The online fiduciary solution from Abacus (AbaWeb) offers you the following advantages:

  • Easy access to the accounts at any time via your internet browser;
  • Ensuring maintenance;
  • Backup and updates of the accounting software by us. High security thanks to the SuisseID solution and encrypted communication;
  • Efficient and tailor-made fiduciary support.

Online trust via your internet browser

AbaWeb, the online fiduciary service, only requires an installed browser and the Java Virtual Machine. You don't need a locally installed Abacus software and work without problems via internet on our AbaWeb trust server. The AbaWeb module is available for financial, accounts receivable and payroll accounting.

Maintenance, backup and updates

Since the Abacus software is installed on our server, maintenance, data backup and updates are ensured by us. The maintenance, backup and updating of the software can thus be outsourced to us.

Security in online fiduciary

Your authentication is done with the Abacus Access app. This is a 2-factor authentication developed by Abacus ERP, which controls and restricts access. All data is sent encrypted.

Further information

Mark Rüfenacht is available to answer your questions at 032 613 20 30 or mark.ruefenacht(at)