Accounting and financial statements

The intensity of our fiduciary support can be scaled according to the customer's needs. Anything is possible between full outsourcing and sole final consultation. Thanks to the online fiduciary solution AbaWeb, simple communication between you and us is easy to implement.

Fiduciary support for independent accounting

You care about the daily business and contact us as fiduciary in case of questions or uncertainties. For selective fiduciary support, we will provide you with a proven expert at your side. Thanks to our internet solution, the accounting is easily accessible for you as accountant and us as fiduciaries. Information and, if necessary, corrections can thus be efficiently realised.

Keeping of securities accounts

If you wish, we can keep securities accounting for you and provide you with periodic evaluations of the performance of your securities account.

Payroll accounting

We discreetly take care of your payroll accounting and record the entry and leave of employees in the payroll system. We are also happy to assist you with the settlement of social security contributions.

Final consultation

Within the scope of financial statement consulting, we support you in the legally compliant preparation of financial figures for the past financial year or in connection with monthly and quarterly reporting. In doing so, we ensure compliance with the minimum structure of the balance sheet and income statement and the correct presentation of the notes in accordance with Swiss accounting law. We would also be happy to help you with the preparation of reports in accordance with the requirements of Swiss GAAP FER.

Consolidated financial statements

We support you in preparing the consolidated financial statements in accordance with Swiss law and/or a recognised accounting standard such as Swiss GAAP FER.

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Over-indebtedness and liquidation

In connection with over-indebtedness according to CO 725 Para. 2 and liquidations, we will prepare the corresponding balance sheets for you at continuing and, if necessary, liquidation values.