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From 12 May 2020, individual tax calculations, historical tax burden statistics and cantonal tax data can be generated interactively with the new online tool of the Federal Tax Administration (FTA).

The new online tax calculator ( is intuitive to use and allows the tax burden on income and assets, inheritances and lump-sum payments from pension schemes to be calculated for all communes for the years 2017 to 2019. Moreover, comparative calculations between communes can be generated, and the tax implications of forthcoming personal changes (marriage, salary increase, etc.) can be calculated.

In the tax burden statistics module, various calculation models can be generated interactively and displayed either in tabular form over several tax years or else on a map for the whole of Switzerland. The basic data module includes historical tax data (deductions, rates and tax multipliers) that can be downloaded for study purposes, for example.

The tax calculator will be expanded in the coming months to include tax burden calculations for legal entities.

The new service largely covers the contents of the publication entitled "Tax burden in Switzerland". Supplementary tax burden tables will be published individually on the FTA website ( Consequently, the publication will no longer be maintained in its existing form.

Source: The Federal Tax Administration

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